Warehouse receipt loans

Warehouse Loans


Farmers, Individuals/ Sole propriety concerns / Partnership Firm/ Processors, Arthiyas, Exporters/ Importers who are original depositors covering non–perishable agricultural commodities.

Type of Warehouse:

  • Central/State warehouse corporation
  • Banks approved Private warehouses/Cold storages
  • Collaterally managed by NCMSL/NBHC/Star Agri
Nature of Loan:
  • Short Term Loan
  • To meet working capital requirement
Charges and Limits
Eligibility Loan For Farmers/Corporates engaged in Farming

Loans upto Rs.50 lacs to individual farmers groups of individual farmers directly engaged in Agriculture and Allied Activities

Micro & Small & Medium Enterprises fulfilling the eligibility criteria
Margin  25%-50% depending on the commodity
Processing charges Upto Rs.50 lacs@0.25% ,
Above Rs.50lacs@0.50%
Repayment period 9-12 months based on commodity
ROI SCHEME ROI (floating) p.a.
For Farmers 9.00 %
[One-year MCLR (9.00 %)
For Traders (Priority) 9.40 %
[One-year MCLR
(9.00%)+ 0.40 %]
Others (Non-Priority) 9.65 %
[One-year MCLR
(9.00%)+ 0.65 %]